St. Patrick’s Day at McMenamins

Just a local beery St. Patrick’s Day pointer for Central Oregonians: McMenamins is having their St. Pat’s bash, with their Irish Stout (March only!), and the Old St. Francis School is having their celebration featuring free music (for all ages), Irish dancing, food and drink specials, and (they claim) kids entertainment.

So, I’m going to try to stop by there for a drink after work tomorrow. I’ve at least got to try their stout. No promises, but is anyone else going to be there?

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  1. Portland, of course had 10,000 things going on all over town, but my partner VJ and I opted to hop on the bus and head for Woodstock Wine and Deli for their "Son of the Big Winter Beer Tasting" event. A quiet (of course, due to the holiday, folks drawn to the many irish pubs in town), cheap, fun event. $20 got you in the door, got you a nice sausage on a bun, some snacky bits, and unlimited tastings of some 35 or so beers, ranging from the basics (Deschutes Jubel, Full Sail Wassail, etc.) to the not so common, like the Weltenburger Kloster Winter (a very nice Winter, but nothing compared to their Assam Bock). Hope you guys had a great St. Pat’s in Bend!

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