The first day of spring was pretty nice here in Central Oregon today: it got up to somewhere around 70 degrees I think. Good day for a beer, but an even nicer day for hops:

Hop buds

My hops are starting to sprout—today’s the first day I noticed them and some of the buds are already about an inch tall. That’s a promising start around here.

We’re also heading into spring break here in Oregon: the kids are out of school and blogging is going to be light around here over the next week or so because I’ll be taking some time away from the computer as well. So that means no “Theme Week” this month (unless you want to call it “Spring Break Week”).

I’ll probably queue up some posts to run occasionally during the week to keep it a little interesting though. At least one.

In the meantime, get outside and enjoy the nice weather while you can. Unless it’s cold where you are, in which case stay inside and enjoy some warming beers. Bocks are a good choice this time of year.