Spotted in the wild: Costco’s beer

I was at Costco the other day and spotted their own line of beer: Kirkland "Handcrafted Beer." I attached my cameraphone picture below.

Kirkland beer

Grainy, but what they have is Hefeweizen, Amber Ale, German lager, and Pale Ale.

I wrote about the possibility of Costco beer nearly a year ago; I’m surprised that it took this long to show up, but now I’m definitely curious to try it. The downside, of course, is that you have to buy it by the case.


  1. I am pretty sure these are Gordon Biersch brewed beers. Almost 100% sure on that, so you should be safe on a purchase.

  2. Yeah, the original post and news indicated that it was Gordon Biersch brewing these beers–just like they do for Trader Joe’s, too.

  3. I just finished trying them last night. I would have to say the German Lager (crisp, almost wit-like) and Hefe (cloudy and citrusy) are ok examples of the two styles, but the Ale (unbalanced and bitter) and Amber (close to Bud’s American Ale) I did not care for. I work at Costco, so you would think I would be biased towards them, but if I buy mass quantities this winter, I will stick with a good ole’ case of Black Butte Porter. They are brewed by a Gordon Biersch owned brewery and I find it funny that we sell the Weinhards variety pack for 10 cents less, when the Kirkland brand is our own. Cheers!

  4. I’ve been enjoying the Costco brand Cabernet….

    Strange how I tend to judge my brews/wine by the label and its reputation. In reality, if it tastes good, I buy it by the case.

  5. I also work, or should I say, collect a paycheck at a Big "C" north of LA-LA land. I suckered for a case out of curiosity and being 4 $$ cheaper than the SA winter pack & found it quite drinkable.
    If a beer is drinkable without tasting like soap at 50 -60 degrees Fit’s my definition of a "good" beer. Why this temp., because beer is about that temperature by the time we haul it from the last store to our campsite on our "choppers", (ST1100 & GS1000). My favorite beer in Canada is, of course Kokanee from BC, and I actually found it in an eastern Oregon small town last summer. I raved it up to my brother but he was not impressed, and indeed it didn’t taste like I remembered it. But then my brother didn’t think much of my 6 pack of Hamms either.
    When I’m not guzzling cheap beer I prefer Stouts & Porters.
    The thing I could never grasp is why is Mexican beer popular among non-Latinos?
    There you have it.

  6. These are indeed brewed by Gordon Biersch and I agree with the comment above that the German Lager and Hefeweizen are decent examples of the styles, while the Amber and Pale Ale are a little below average. All are drinkable, however, and not bad for the price if you can stomach or give away all four styles. Biggest problem is that is what you get…all four styles so if you don’t like the Amber you are stuck with six bottles of that anyway.

  7. They don’t have Kirkland beer at the Costco down here in Tampa Bay, perhaps it has something to do with distribution as the Bud distributors in my state are Nazis.

  8. I will have to try them can anyone tell me a price I might skip the costco beer for black butte porter if the price is right.

  9. HOWDY YA’LL! Yew know that bein’ dumb on purpose is a crime in some Galaxy far far away ….. COSTCO BEER IS NOT MADE IN CHINA!! For some native Arizonaians, it’s mad in a place just as bad …. California, but hey this old cowpuncher don’t think thata way …. AND I AM DAMN GLAD FOR AFFORDABLE BEER!!!!!!!!

  10. HOWDY YA’LL …. MAD SHOULD BE MADE ….hey yew cain’t say Kirkland Amber ain’t powerfull ……. course I chase it with Hood River Distillery Pendelton "Let ‘er BucK" Rye Blend …………

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