Some quick #CBC15 tips

A few quick tips for running around during the Craft Brewers Conference (beyond the usual “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate” mantra I usually preach).

  • Double-check the hours of an establishment or event before going, particularly if it’s late.
  • Eat when you can—with so many people in town and things happening, you never know when your next chance to grab a bite will be.
  • Google Maps is your friend (particularly if you have a smartphone). It’s easy to navigate the Convention Center, but in getting to/from the Conference and around Portland for the myriad events, having a GPS-enabled map app will save time and sanity.

These might be a bit obvious, until you find yourself lost, late and hangry. And now some pictures!



Widmer Hefe Shandy, coming out this year
Sam Calagione, Pain Relievaz

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  1. Last time for the CBC in Portland…unless it shrinks considerably. That’s what I’m hearing. We don’t have the hotels or infrastructure to support an event of this size.

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