Some other Oregon Sesquicentennial beers

I mentioned several weeks back that Rogue is brewing an official Sesquicentennial Ale to celebrate Oregon’s 150th birthday, coming up this February 14th. I also noted that Deschutes is brewing two as well, and I wondered what other Oregon brewers may be up to.

So I started emailing them. I haven’t gotten to all of them yet, but do have some results to report. Not surprisingly, most of them aren’t brewing anything special. But a few are.

  • Hopworks Urban Brewery brewed a Sesquicentennial beer, according to brewmaster Christian Ettinger: "Our Sesquicentennial beer is an imperial IPA made with 150# of Cascade and Willamette hops for 20 bbl. The flavor is outrageous. It will be available just in time for the celebration."
  • McMenamins has brewed a "special cream ale" for the event: they "are having a 150th Oregon Birthday Bash at the Crystal Ballroom on Saturday. The cream ale will be called Sesquicentennial Cream Ale in honor of Oregon’s 150th, and is only available there."

Several other brewers haven’t produced a beer specific to Oregon’s birthday, but will be serving up special beers (either as part of Zwickelmania or Valentine’s Day or something else):

  • Pelican Pub & Brewery has their spring seasonal Riptide Red (the cask version of which is "dry-hopped a second time in each firkin").
  • Full Sail is planning to tap a keg of Old Boilermaker and pair it with chocolate on the 14th. (That’s a barleywine aged in bourbon barrels, apparently.)
  • New Old Lompoc didn’t produce a Sesquicentennial Ale, but did brew an Inauguration Ale—the first such beer I’ve come across brewed by an Oregon brewer.

More as I find them out.