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Some notes and pictures of Rogue

We visited Rogue in Newport, Oregon, this past weekend, and while I didn’t do the full review treatment, I did snap a few pictures and have some things to write about.

Aside from Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale being on tap around town (naturally), there are three primary Rogue locations you can visit: their Public House on Newport’s Historic Bayfront; their main Brewery, which also houses their Brewers on the Bay tasting room, gift shop, and restaurant; and their Rogue House of Spirits just across the way from the main Brewery.

Oops, I should say four—they also run the Wolf Eel Cafe at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

We had dinner one evening at the Bayfront Public House. This is a pretty standard brewpub-style eat-and-drinkery, though they also have a no-minors section of the bar that features video poker, and a billiards room with two pool tables. The full lineup of Rogue’s many beers are on tap, as are several from both their Eugene City Brewery and their Issaquah Brewhouse.

Food was good, service was helpful and we sampled one of their spirits for the first time: Hazelnut Spice Rum. It was deliciously, dangerously drinkable and smooth—so much so that we ended up buying a bottle the next day (at around $35!).

We didn’t eat at the main Brewery, but we stopped in briefly to find out if we could purchase that bottle of rum (and to see if there were any limited edition beers to find). To get to the gift shop/tasting room/et al, you pass through the brewery and warehouse itself (watch out for forklifts), following a yellow-taped path.

The picture to the right, the red tower, is the main entrance. Other pictures are below.

The gift shop has bottles of nearly every Rogue beer for sale, plus the various types of breweriana you expect to find. Unfortunately, they don’t sell the spirits there—instead, we were directed to the House of Spirits across the lot in the South Beach marina.

Here’s the description:

The Rogue House of Spirits in Newport, Oregon opened for business on June 10th, 2006! Distiller John Couchot is teaming up with Rogue Brewmaster John Maier to produce Rogue Gin, Wasabi Vodka, and Cherry Vodka. The House of Spirits will feature fine wines, outhouses, lottery, cheeses from Rogue Creamery, apparel, beer to-go, hand made root beer, and of course, our very own Rogue Spirits, artisan distilled on premise!

Inside, they have a micro-distiller (picture below) and a small-ish bar and seating area (though nice). The bartender was extremely helpful and nice, giving us a sample of Rogue’s Spruce Gin (interesting), and was happy to ring up a bottle of the Hazelnut Spice Rum for us. They also have beers and some odds and ends available (shirts, glasses).

All right, you’ve been patient through my notes long enough, here are the other pictures I took: