So you always wanted to own a brewpub…

The Elliot Glacier Public House is for sale. Where is Elliot Glacier, you may wonder? In the small community of Parkdale, about 17 miles south of Hood River. We’ve driven by it, once, but did not stop (we were on our way home with a load of fresh-picked fruit).

Elliot Glacier is a seven-barrel brewpub with—based on the accounts I’ve been reading—a magnificent view of the north face of Mount Hood from their back patio. It was built in 1937 as a theater and was renovated into its current incarnation in 1997. Very casual, as well—with a small open kitchen that only serves up the basics.

The interesting thing is that the building and business both are for sale for only $470,000. That’s not bad at all, it seems to me. I wonder how good business could be in such a small community, of course, but they’ve fared well(?) for 12+ years so far.

Found via Lisa Morrison (the Beer Goddess!) on Twitter.


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