Beer Site Rundown

Here’s a (non-comprehensive) rundown of some of the other beer websites out there.

  • Real Beer: Probably the biggest and best-organized site around. Forums, e-commerce, events, brewery listings, news, etc. etc. However, I can’t find any RSS feeds anywhere on the site (lame), the events calendar pages are highly unwieldly, and the brewery search needs a major technological upgrade (most listings don’t even have links to their websites).
  • Beer Advocate: I’m not a fan of the design and colors on this site, but as a community-driven site it’s a winner. Ultimately the user reviews of beers drives the database behind the site; I like the way they link it all together. And a damn good source for specific beer information.
  • Beer Me!: The usability on this site is terrible, but it’s got the best comprehensive list of breweries I’ve seen online, bar none. And it’s updated frequently, too. However, it seems to be done in HTML flat files, no database behind it… arrrrgh! Other problem appears to be no obvious links to the brewery websites.
  • What Ales You: It’s not the greatest site, but I admire the intent behind it.

Well, that’s a start on that list, anyway. I’ll post more as we go.


  1. Have you ever checked out It is a good counterpart/alternative to BeerAdvocate, with a larger database of beers and reviews. Check it out if you get a moment!

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