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Sisters Fresh Hop Festival 2017 review, pictures

Another good year for the Sisters Fresh Hop Festival; the weather was a bit chillier than in recent years but that certainly did not keep people away! This year there were more vendors (including Bend Brew Daddy) and I’m reasonably sure more people attending early on. One thing that started happening toward midafternoon was the drink tickets running out—fortunately they were recycling them (they were nicely printed tickets, not the cheap raffle type tickets you can buy at Staples) and were able to keep the lines moving, but I think that’s good evidence of the numbers.

I enjoyed sampling through 10 beers, the first five (and the glass) of which were given to me by the Fest for being media. I believe nearly all of the beers slated to pour on the program were present, the only exception I was aware of being Fort George’s CoHoperative Ale. And by 3:30 or so, both of the beers from Crux Fermentation Project were blown!

So all in all a good day! I ended up voting for Fort George’s Fresh IPA as my favorite, though I did not encounter any bad beers.

Here are few more pictures that I took during the fest; enjoy! And get out to those fresh hop festivals!