Simcoe hops

There’s an interesting article on the Philadelphia Daily News site about Simcoe hops. Simcoe is a relatively new hybrid variety similar to Cascade but higher in bitterness…

What attracts brewers – and drinkers – to the variety is a distinctive citrus aroma combined with a high alpha-acid content that imparts a strong but pleasurable bitterness.

Because of those qualities, it’s an especially popular ingredient in the new wave of extra-hoppy ales known as Imperial India Pale Ales. It provides a nice kick without a harsh slap to the palate.

Research into the hybrid was initially a financially-motivated enterprise (big surprise)… megabreweries trying to get more hop bang for their buck. What interested me in the article however was the fact that I’d heard mention of Simcoe hops recently: a couple of weeks ago at Thirsty Thursday a Big Sky Brewing rep was showcasing their beer and mentioned that their new IPA is made with Simcoe (which I hadn’t heard about before).

So it all comes full circle… :)


  1. Weyerbacher Brewing,Inc. Simcoe IPA. Love it. Although no one else in the family does. Great, more for me. How can I purchase sixtole? Have one now but supplier not consistent.

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