Siletz Brewing moving to Albany (Oregon)

Calapooia Brewing is a brewery located over in Albany, Oregon (just outside of Corvallis). I’ve never been, though I may have tried beer of theirs at the Oregon Brewers Festival. They also have a blog, on which I was surprised to read tonight that they are moving Siletz Brewing out of Siletz:

After much deliberation, we have made the decision to move Siletz Brewing Co. from it’s current location in Siletz Oregon to our brewery in Albany. We know that this news will come as an unwelcome surprise to some of our Siletz fans in the coast area, but fear not! Once the brewery is in place, we will continue to make Siletz Beer, under the Siletz name. In fact, we will brew more Siletz beer than has been brewed at the Siletz facility in the last several years! By moving the equipment and the company to Albany, we will be able to increase production, quality, and visibility for both Calapooia and Siletz Brewing Companies. We ask for your continued support for both breweries as we make this transition!

Mixed reactions to this; first, I’m just surprised that they also own Siletz Brewing. I’ve never been there, either, but it kind of sucks that I’ll never get to be—at least at it’s original location.

That having been said, I’ve not had good luck with Siletz beers in the past; I found their Spruce Ale undrinkable at the Oregon Brewers Festival when I tried it, and neither their Winter Wamer nor their Chocolate Porter impressed me much at all. So perhaps bringing in more quality control is a good thing.

It’s not a huge move; Siletz and Albany are only about 65 miles apart. But it does seem rather unusual.

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  1. Their site in Siletz wasn’t too impressive as far as brewpubs go. I never made it into the brewery proper, but the pub on site was more if a redneck tavern (Which can have it’s appeal.) but didn’t really seem to focus on Siltz beer.

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