Shipyard Pumpkin sounds goooood…

I’m behind on posting a bunch of stuff but I did want to highlight the press release that came in for Shipyard Brewing: the one announcing the latest in their “Pugsley’s Signature Series” line, Smashed Pumpkin.

More like “Imperial” Smashed Pumpkin… this monster is 9% alcohol by volume which is big for a pumpkin beer. But I loves me some pumpkin and I can’t help but pine for this when it comes out. I’ll cross my fingers for it to appear locally.

(Yes, I’ve had a Shipyard pumpkin beer before. I think it was a bad bottle and I’m definitely willing to give the benefit of the doubt on that.)

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  1. You think it was a bad bottle? After reading your initial Shipyard pumpkin review, I have to say my wife had a similar experience with last season’s Shipyard Pumpkin on draft (the draft was at a place that had numerous other craft beers on tap, which tasted fine, so doubtful the lines were bad). I would lean more towards “strange formulation”. Anyway, different beer, different experience (hopefully). Not sure if you can get it but Southern Tier’s Pumking gets high marks in my and my wife’s book (whenever I see it on shelves, I make sure to pick up a few specifically for her).

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