Shade Tree Brewing, new in Central Oregon (correction: nope, not yet)

Bend restaurant Common Table posted this on their Facebook timeline on Thursday:

Common Table is perhaps the first place to try Central Oregon’s newest local microbrewery, Shade Tree Brewing’s Mustang Pale Ale. Shade Tree is the brainchild of Larry Johnson a local home brewer who has stepped up to full production. He is located in Redmond and has three beers coming, The Mustang Pale Ale, Corvette Strong Ale and Challenger Smoked IPA coming in June. Stop by to sample a fresh new taste, a smooth, full bodied Pale Ale.

Yes, that is another brewery for Central Oregon that has thus far sailed nearly completely under the radar. I’ve known Larry for some time and I’ve got an email out to him for additional official details, but since I saw this go live on Facebook, I at least wanted to make official note of it.

Update: Nope, not quite. “Shade Tree Brewing” is not a new brewery, rather there’s an affiliation and distribution deal with Phat Matt’s out of Redmond. So there’s beer, but I got the details wrong, and Common Table’s post on Facebook isn’t quite correct either. If/when there are more details to share, then I’ll revisit!

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  1. Hey Jon,

    If I’m correct, Larry is contract brewing with Phat Matt out of Redmond on a system he bought himself.

    – Cory

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