The next Session: Going to the pub alone

Next month’s Session topic has been announced, and it’s being hosted by Nathaniel Southwood over at Booze, Beats & Bites. He’s titled it “So lonely…” and writes:

I love going to the pub with mates but sometimes I go to a pub alone and I enjoy it.

Other people say I’m weird for this as there seems to be a stigma attached to being in the pub alone – alcoholism.

The way I see it is that I love beer and pubs and I don’t see why I should only go to the pub when I’m with other people.

Am I weird for going to the pub alone?

How do you feel about going to the pub alone? Do you feel it’s necessary to be around friends to spend time in a pub?

He gives a bunch more reasons as well (I chopped a bit out in the middle of that quote) but it’s an interesting topic, albeit one that might be more British than American. You can contribute your post on Friday, July 6th, and let Nathaniel know by commenting on his original post.