The next Session: Beer tales

It’s very late notice, but the next edition of The Session is coming up this Friday (in two days!) and this month is hosted once again by Steve Lamond of Beers I’ve Known. The topic he’s selected is open-ended: Beery yarns.

The nights are drawing in, there may even be snow, what better way to enjoy a beer than in front of a log fire. Turn that TV off and talk to your drinking compatriots. Maybe you’re just at home with some friends or maybe in a decent local boozer chatting to complete strangers. This month I’m going to give you plenty of scope for originality by setting a wide-open theme. I want to hear your beery tall tales, yarns, recollections (in a Grandpa Simpson stylee) or otherwise, delivered in the manner that you befits sitting around a log fire, favourite beer in hand. Only proviso is that it has to involve beer in some way, whether that be a particular beer jogging your memory of a previous event or beer taking a bigger role in the recollected tale. Its up to you. Interjections, corrections, addendums can all be contributed the assembled masses in your comments section.

So this Friday, write up your beery yarn or tale and leave a comment pointing to it over at Steve’s place.