The Session #94: Sort of but not really…

In actuality the 94th edition of The Session took place last month, the first Friday in December—and it was the first one I missed. The main reason for that was that I was in Portland that entire weekend for book events—including a talk and signing at Powell’s—and just didn’t have the time or energy to get to it. And the rest of the month was swept up in the Beer Advent Calendar and the holidays, so… I did at least want to acknowledge that Session.

I’m not writing that post now, a month later, but I will point to Ding’s Beer Blog who hosted last month, with the topic of “Your role in the beer scene.” Ding wanted to know where you saw yourself in the scene, which is a question with some depth as well as being loaded. Perhaps I’ll write a non-Session Session post on this topic sometime, but that will have to wait until after tomorrow—tomorrow is the 95th edition of The Session, hosted by Alan McLeod, with a question to ponder than I cannot not write about:

What beer book which has yet to be written would you like to see published?

What is the book you would want to write about good beer? What book would you want to read? Is there a dream team of authors your would want to see gathered to make that “World Encyclopedia of Beer and Brewing”? Or is there one person you would like to see on a life long generous pension to assure that the volumes flow from his or her pen? Let us know.