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Session #12 wrap-up

Wow, there sure are a lot of bloggers participating in The Session… I think my prediction about The Session (and beer blogging in general) taking off this year is on-target.

You’ve likely already read my Session contribution… so, here are all the rest. In order to be fair, I’ve tried to list the links in the order that I received them, or first came across them in the blogs if I didn’t receive an email.

Updated! More below.

That’s what I’ve gathered so far… 39 bloggers, 41 entries, over 65 beers reviewed, and three non-beer-specific posts. Wow. That’s a lot of work! I imagine there will still be a few more entries trickling in this weekend, and I’ll update accordingly.

What a great Session! Thanks to all for participating (and to those who may yet participate).

According to my notes, next month’s Session will be hosted by Chris O’Brien of the excellent Beer Activist blog. Look for his topic announcement soon. I’m looking forward to it!