The Session #116, and the next Session

Sad but true: I completely missed this month’s October edition of The Session, the topic of which was (of all things I should have written about!) Goses hosted by Derrick Peterman. #116 was the first Session I missed entirely (though I’ve been late on the deadline before). Be sure to go read the recap.

And the November Session (#117) has been announced, being hosted by Beer Means Business: Beer Future.

I have always been obsessed with asking what happens next or what is still ahead instead of simply embracing what is in the present. Ever since I heard about Beer Blogging Fridays, I have been toying with the idea of hosting a Session to paint a collective picture of what the future related to beer will be like.

This month, Beer Means Business has the honour to host The Session and to make this happen. The final picture of Beer Future will be based on what you think we will see MORE of.

Over the last 10 years, numerous topics have been presented and the bloggers who discussed them expressed a rich diversity of perspectives or specific areas of interest. Therefore, I refrain from giving you further ideas or examples. There are no limits in time, space or nature either. I would like you to let your imagination free, and capture ONE thing you think we will see MORE of with an explanation of the idea.

Post your thoughts on Friday, November 4.