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Saraveza’s IIPA Fest

This weekend in Portland—among all the other things also going on—Saraveza is holding their 3rd annual Imperial IPA Fest—featuring an incredible rotating list of super-hoppy high-alcohol DIPAs and IIPAs, live music, a commemorative glass, free jars for to-go IIPAs, food specials, gifts, prizes, and more. It’s all taking place from 1 to 10pm today, and from 1 to 9pm tomorrow (Sunday).

Cost is $20 for a glass and 8 tickets, or $35 for 2 glasses and 16 tickets, purchasable online here.

Here’s the current line-up:

Impressive list! If you go, however, be sure to drink lots of water and stay hydrated too; these are bigger beers that most fests serve up.