San Diego breweries

Next week, we’re going to be in San Diego for spring break, and one of the things I’m looking forward to is hitting some of the breweries they have down there (and writing about them, of course). Time permitting, naturally, so if nothing else, I figure the one brewery I have to visit is Stone Brewing. No question.

The last time we were there, we visited one of the Oggi’s and San Diego Brewing. It’s not impossible that we won’t go back to either one, but if I’m building a wishlist, then here’s what I’m thinking we could possibly fit in (aside from Stone, of course):

Most likely there won’t be enough time, I’m realistic about that.

I also think it would be fun to find a Dubbel on this trip to review for the next Session. But I’ve been looking on BeerAdvocate and none of the breweries down there seem to brew any.

Either way, we should have wireless access while we’re there, so I may well be writing dispatches from the road, as it were.


  1. Just went to SD a few weeks ago and your list is spot on. AleSmith, Ballast Point and Port/Lost Abbey are all amazing. If you can’t make it to a lot of breweries, you might consider going to a bar called the Liars’ Club in Mission Beach. They have 25+ taps and most are local beers. I tried beers by Alpine, Green Flash, AleSmith and Port there.

  2. Stone is fun, Green Flash also is a nice spot to stop if you can – they make the Reaper Ales as well as their own brand. Alesmith was on my list, but I didn’t manage to make it there. Don’t forget Pizza Port!

    I’ll also reccomend O’Brian’s as a place with Incredible beers on tap.

  3. Dunno if you’re here in SD or not already (yeah, I’m late), but you missed an Awesome 12 Hours Belgian Beer Party hosted by Tomme (brewer at Lost Abbey), Tom (owner of O’Briens), and Jeff (Brewer at Pizza Port). Must’ve been 1,000 people and more dubs, trips and quad than you could shake a stick at. While you’re here, definitely make sure to drop in and see Tomme at Lost Abbey (Saturdays are best) — he’s a Belgian Brew meister and he’s always got a few "secret" beers in the works.

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