Rogue Portland Saturday Market Artisan Ale 2006

Rogue Portland Saturday Market Artisan AleThis is the heretofore-unknown Rogue ale I picked up on our Memorial Day trip to Portland, at the Saturday Market. There’s no style attached to it, other than the "Artisan Ale" tag, though I noticed with some surprise as I read the label more closely, getting ready to pour it, that they brewed with juniper berries. Interesting.

This is a unique beer in that it doesn’t show up on either BeerAdvocate or RateBeer, which is surprising considering that between the two sites every other beer I’ve heard of is listed. Obviously it’s an ultra-local, ultra-limited brew, and I’m glad I came across it. If you’re in Portland, seek this one out.

(Turns out, according to this comment, that this is simply their Juniper Pale Ale repackaged.)

Appearance: Pale orange and a bit hazy. Nice short-lived head, a typical off-white.

Smell: Some hops, some floral… Crystal malts (sweet). It’s a light, moderately sweet pale ale, with nice floral (but not fruity) hop notes.

Taste: Light and crisp, with a nice biscuit malt base and a floral hop edge. A bit of spice—apparently from juniper berries, though I don’t get a strong juniper essence at all. Perhaps in the aftertaste? Refreshing.

Mouthfeel: Light but with a thick character on the tongue—a bit chewy. Taste of hops or juniper berries lingers, after.

Overall: A nice drinkable pale ale with the right amount of juniper berries—not too much, it won’t remind you of gin or turpentine. Not that it would anyway, being a Rogue. Worth getting a hold of for the limited bottle design alone—the beer is the icing.