Rogue for Oregon’s 150th

I was preoccupied when this news first came out, but Rogue is brewing the semi-official beer for Oregon’s 150th birthday coming up next month. Oregon’s sesquicentennial is on February 14th—Valentine’s Day—and Rogue was selected

to brew a special commemorative ale for the state’s 150th birthday. Sesquicentennial Ale will be available starting Feb. 14—Oregon’s birthday – on draft and in limited edition 22-ounce serigraphed bottles. Sesquicentennial Ale will debut at Oregon 150 celebrations in Salem and Portand. It will also be featured at the Oregon Brewers Guild open houses at Rogue’s Newport and Eugene breweries that weekend.

You can read the full release here (PDF).

I don’t know much about "Oregon 150"—the non-profit apparently responsible for "planning the state’s sesquicentennial celebration—and how official they are, but it seems to be this would be a great opportunity for other Oregon brewers to get in on. (Jeff expresses similar sentiments.) Indeed, Deschutes already is:

Brewing 2 beers this week with 100% Oregon ingredients to celebrate Oregon’s 150th birthday on Feb 14th.

And though I haven’t done the legwork (yet), I’m willing to be that other brewers are following suit.

And actually, I think I’ve already decided to do "Oregon Beer Week" for February’s Theme Week to celebrate Oregon’s 150th. The timing is just too good not to.

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