RiverBend Brewing, quick look

Last Saturday we decided to check out a couple of the new breweries here in Bend with our friends Paul and Sandi: Bridge 99 at Wubba’s BBQ Shack (see my write-up here) and the newest, RiverBend Brewing. Since we started with lunch and beers at Wubba’s, we only opted in for the samplers at RiverBend so I don’t have an in-depth review, but at least some first impressions.

RiverBend Brewing beer list

You can read initial details I’d posted here. Located in what was formerly Rivals Sports Bar, it still maintains the sports bar feel and atmosphere: lots of TVs with various games on, memorabilia all over, lots of space and sports fans. The brewery itself is located in a building directly across the parking lot (next to the driveway as you enter the lot) and they currently offer five beers on tap right now:

  • Blonde Ale, 4.2% abv
  • IPA, 6.56% abv
  • Red, 5% abv
  • Stout, 4.86% abv
  • Imperial IPA, 8.6% abv

RiverBend Sampler

The IPA and Stout were the favorites, and tasted the most polished. And having five beers on tap already after having recently opened is impressive (the Imperial IPA in particular is very new, having gone on tap just before Thanksgiving).

We didn’t get any food but the menu looked like standard sports pub fare and it looked like a good happy hour as well—something to try at some point and get to know those beers better.

It will be interesting to watch how RiverBend develops, and see which beers settle in for the long haul and what else will appear on the 10 barrel brewing system. In the meantime, RiverBend is one to watch.