Riggwelter Yorkshire Ale

I had this beer the other day from The Black Sheep Brewery, and just the other day beerrag.com had a post about it, too. Small world ("small web"?)!

Riggwelter is a pretty good beer. The Black Sheep website says there’s banana fruit aromas, but I didn’t get that from it. It was rich and malty, and a bit sweet. Copper-brown color, nice rich head on it. On BeerAdvocate many of the reviews mention the nice lacing, which I concur on. It also accumulates a respectable score of 86 over there.

At 5.7% alcohol, it’s not terribly strong, but it comes in larger-than-average bottle, so it’s akin to drinking two 12-ounce bottles of an average beer. :)

Overall, an enjoyable beer. Unfortunately, I probably won’t find it here in Bend very often, unless one of the upscale grocers carries it.

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  1. Hehe I just found your write up of the Riggwelter, very funny that we both tried this beer at the same time, it was pretty good. I want to try their Holy Grail beer, have you had any of their other beers?

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