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Chronicling a couple of the recent PR packages I’ve received, one which actually came two weeks ago while we were in Florida and one that came yesterday.

First up is the Michelob beers… which, for some reason, I didn’t take a picture of. Two bottles: Michelob Pale Ale and Michelob Dunkel Weisse. I’ve reviewed their Pale Ale in the past, but I’ll definitely pass along further impressions on this one. The Dunkel Weisse is new, though, and I’m interested in trying it.

Yesterday’s package was a couple of Redhook beers: their new Late Harvest Autumn Ale (press release). Here’s a picture:

Redhook's Late Harvest Autumn Ale PR package

Yes, packaged with "leaves changing color"… I do get a kick out of clever gimmicks like that.

I’m looking forward to trying this beer, because it sounds like it’s got an Oktoberfest vibe going for it, and I loves me some Oktoberfest.

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