Received: Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale

Winter's Bourbon Cask AleLast week I received a bottle of Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale, Anheuser-Busch‘s (by way of their Michelob craft arm) seasonal Winter Warmer. This is aged on oak staves and vanilla bean, and is 6% alcohol by volume.

Here’s their spec sheet that goes with the beer:

Introduced: 2005

Beer Style: Oak and Vanilla-Aged Ale (Winter Seasonal)

Description: Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale has a smooth, robust taste full of rich aromas, hints of vanilla and flavorful hops.

Ingredients: Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale is brewed with Carapils, caramel and two-row barley malts and imported Hallertau and Alsace hops. It is then aged on bourbon oak casks and whole Madagascar vanilla beans.

Food Pairings: Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale provides a balanced accompaniment to full-flavored foods like clam or corn chowder, soft cheeses like triple-cream brie or Camembert, pork roast with applesauce or creme brulee.

Glassware Suggestions: Serve this beer in a tulip-shaped glass to showcase its deep auburn color.

I’ll have a review written up for this later in the week.


  1. I have had it the last couple years. I might be crazy but I think it tastes like Breyer’s Vanilla Ice Cream.

    I think the Michelob guys have put out some decent mass market micro type beers lately. They seem to be doing OK with them I see them at tons of bars.

  2. By far one of Anheuser’s best seasonals. I actually get upset when I can’t find it any more. Like NOW!!

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