Received: Widmer W’12 and Spiced IPA

Just before the weekend I received a big package from Widmer, containing an imperial pint glass and four beers: two of the new W’12 seasonal, Dark Saison, and two of the latest in the Rotator IPA series, Spiced IPA. The W’12 should be hitting the shelves now, and the Spiced IPA is upcoming.

Widmer big box

Widmer shipment

As in the past, the package came in large, handsome wood box filled with shredded used coasters for packing material. They also included a prepaid packing slip to make it easy to send the box and material back, which is fairly forward-thinking (the previous two packages also did this).

Widmer W'12 Dark Saison and Spiced IPA

Widmer W'12 Dark Saison and Spiced IPA

(Sorry for the sketchy photos, apparently my camera(phone) work needs work…)

These both sound like exciting beers to try, so I’ll have reviews and notes posted soon.