Received: Widmer Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout

The same day that I received the Shock Top Lemon Shandy, I also got a package from Widmer Brothers also containing a fruit beer, though easily a polar opposite of the Shock Top offering: Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout. It came in their now-usual packaging:

Widmer PR packaging

A wooden box (made from recycled/reclaimed wood I believe) with shredded used coasters as the packing material. Inside were two bottles of the Stout and a tulip snifter:

Widmer Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout

These are the latest in their Alchemy Project series, high-end cellarable beers of which three will appar this year. This Stout is 9.3% abv and it sounds to me like it’s their KGB Russian Imperial Stout (or a similar variation) aged on raspberries. (Which sounds fantastic to me any way you slice it.)