Received: Widmer 3-pack

This package arrived Thursday from Widmer Brothers:

Widmer 3-pack: Oatmeal Porter, Pitch Black IPA, Nelson Imperial IPA

A bottle each of Pitch Black IPA, Nelson Imperial IPA, and the new Oatmeal Porter, along with a sample bottle of “Bro-Oats” (oats that have been custom roasted specifically for Widmer by Briess Malting) and a Widmer goblet.

The three bees are together as representing the “Series 924” offerings, which are “special, but accessible, high-end craft beers” named after the Widmer brewery address of 924 Russell Street in Portland. Pitch Black and Nelson are year-round beers while Oatmeal Porter is the first of three limited-edition beers coming out this year.

I’ve had the first two, of course (though apparently I’ve only reviewed Pitch Black IPA and not Nelson Imperial IPA), and I’m excited to try the Oatmeal Porter largely because of the custom-roasted oats angle. (Yes, it’s a beer geek thing.)