Received: Shock Top Urban Camping Kit

I have to hand it to Shock Top: they put together really nice PR packages, and this latest one I received yesterday—and “urban camping kit”—takes the cake. See:

Shock Top Urban Camping Kit

Shock Top Urban Camping Kit detail

Shock Top Urban Camping Kit s'mores detail

Shock Top chocolate mug s'more

Shock Top backback

It’s a lot to take in! Basically, this urban camping kit consisted of:

  • One Swiss Gear computer backpack, which contained:
  • Two bottles of the new “test” beer, Campfire Wheat, which will only be poured at a few select festivals—these bottles are for tasting purposes only;
  • One MSR stowaway camping pot, which contained:
  • A box of “campfire cologne” (incense I think);
  • One package of 6 marshmallows;
  • Two Hershey’s chocolate bars;
  • One small package of graham crackers;
  • One small can of Sterno camp fuel;
  • Skewers (these weren’t in the pot);
  • One chocolate candy beer mug (with Shock Top logo of course) attached to some sort of s’mores confection.

The intent is, you put the Sterno fuel inside the stowaway pot, light it up for indoor fire, and make s’mores. It’s crazy clever, and honestly—it’s a nice backpack and stowaway pot!

As for the beer, I ended up drinking one right away because as I was unwrapping it from the bubble wrap, the tape was right over the cap and being a twist-off, I managed to just knock it loose so it started to leak. I poured it into a glass and tried it out.

It’s interesting; this “Campfire Wheat” is intended to convey a combination of smokiness and s’mores, and they succeed surprisingly well. It smells like chocolate, root beer (yes!), a hint of marshmallow, and light smoke. It tastes similar, though not really root beer-y.

They brewed it with graham wheat, chocolate malts and a “hint of marshmallow flavor,” then aged it on chocolate nibs. Say what you want about Anheuser-Busch, this Shock Top division is certainly trying to make some interesting stuff! I’ll have a longer review of the beer… and probably the s’mores making, just to see… soon.


  1. cool!! Best thing about blogging is the schwag! Hubby was recently sent to Dallas, all expenses paid, to sit through a 2-day session on Food Preparedness, with taste tests, cooking seminars, emergency workshops, etc. All in hopes these bloggers would write about the products. As a result, we have all kinds of freeze dried cans of stuff. Hmmm. He once got an urban backpack with an inset bulletproof shield – I would rather we got the Test Beer instead!!

  2. I tried this beer at the Big Texas Beer Fest yesterday. I’m in love! I was just googling around trying to find out where to buy it. I had no idea it was so new. I’ll be searching the shelves until I can find it!

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