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Received: Shock Top Lemon Shandy

The end of last week brought a package of three beers from Anheuser-Busch’s Shock Top arm:

Lemon Shandy. Something I didn’t really see coming (though I didn’t see the [white] Wheat IPA coming either), but yes, I’m intrigued. I really haven’t had much experience with Shandies—I think last year Deschutes Brewery had a really nice one on at the Pub, strangely enough, and I really liked it—but in a weird bit of synchronicity I recently came across Leinenkugel‘s Summer Shandy here in Bend. So of course now I’m thinking, “Shandy Shootout!”

Oh, and incidentally a “shandy” is a “beer mixed with citrus-flavored soda, carbonated lemonade, ginger beer, ginger ale, or cider” (but I usually associate it with lemonade).