Received: Shock Top Ghost Pepper Wheat

The latest of the experimental line of Shock Top “festival” beers—small batch, unique variants of Shock Top that aren’t for sale and are only debuted at beer festivals around the country—arrived for me today, and the name alone gives me a bit of pause: Ghost Pepper Wheat.

Shock Top PR package

(I do kind of like the simplicity of placing the beers in a gunnysack.)

Shock Top Ghost Pepper Wheat festival beer

According to the insert, the beer is infused with ghost peppers (one of the hottest in the world), blue agave and citrus peel, and is 5.2% abv and 15 IBUs. I like a well-balanced chili beer, but I’m a bit leery of ones that are just hot for the sake of hot, though with these I suspect they will err on the side of caution. I’ll let you know when I’ve sampled them.