Received: Three seasonal specialties from Deschutes Brewery

I’m a little behind on mentioning these, as I actually received them a week ago (last Thursday the 3rd), hand-delivered in fact (I assume they didn’t want them potentially sitting on hot truck over the long holiday weekend). Three of the latest seasonal/specialty bottle offerings from Deschutes Brewery:

Three specialty beers from Deschutes Brewery

In order, left to right: Doppel Dinkel Bock, AKA Conflux No. 3; Black Butte XXVI (anniversary beer); and Foray IPA, a Belgian-style IPA. I haven’t yet opened these bottles but I have sampled each of these beers and I can attest that they are tasty.

And I’m really kind of digging how the font for the Doppel Dinkel Bock label is basically the classic Star Trek TV series title font.