Received: Redhook Tripel

Almost no sooner did I write about Redhook’s new Tripel limited release than I receive the bottle I mentioned. It came yesterday, and included a nice bit of glassware.

The box came wrapped with gold-embossed red ribbon proclaiming “Redhook Limited Release 2009.”

And of course, what’s inside is what counts. The goblet’s great, and I really like the design of the labeling on the bottle; it’s simple though expressive. I’ll do a closer picture when I review the beer.

2 Responses to Received: Redhook Tripel

  1. Did yours come with 4 gold thumb tacks that fell behind the neck of the bottle? That was a nice surprise.

  2. Jon says:

    Heh, yeah, but they were still stuck in the press release sheet, so no “gotchas.”