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Received: Red Chair NWPA, Cinder Cone Red

Christmas Eve day I was home from work early and UPS delivered a last-minute Christmas present from Deschutes Brewery:

Three bottles of the new Red Chair NWPA (Northwest Pale Ale) and three bottles of the final release of Cinder Cone Red.

Red Chair is of course based on the Red Chair IPA they released earlier this year, and is the beer that will be replacing Cinder Cone Red. What’s interesting is that this batch of Cinder Cone is not just the last batch (ever!), but it’s also only going to be available in Oregon and Washington—and Red Chair NWPA will be available everywhere Deschutes distributes except Oregon and Washington, until Cinder Cone sells out.

While I’m sorry to see Cinder Cone discontinued, replacing it with a Red Chair variant is a good move. And the packaging is sharp, too. Here’s another look: