Received: McMenamins Red Riser IRA

McMenamins is rolling out a new “new year seasonal” (somewhere between a winter and early spring beer), their new Red Riser IRA (India Red Ale), and I was invited to pick up a free growler of it today to sample and preview at the Old St. Francis School here in Bend. The beer is formally released at the pubs on Friday, the 4th.

McMenamins Red Riser IRA
(The pint glass is my own)

It’s 7.1% abv and 98 IBUs, and I’ll have a formal review post in the next day or two. But I can say right now that it’s a fresh and tasty beer, with a really nice balance between malty and hoppy—and despite the 7.1% it’s really easy drinking. A good winter beer I think, without tipping to extremes.