Received: Lagunitas Born Yesterday

A PR care package came from Lagunitas Brewing today, featuring their new Born Yesterday Fresh Hop Pale Ale:

Lagunitas Born Yesterday PR package
The shirt is actually navy blue, not black; my phone camera didn’t pick that up well on the light counter

This is the beer first reported on during the Beer Bloggers Conference, with the ambitious goal of being on shelves within 24 hours of fresh hopping. Which left many (myself included) scratching their heads over what that meant exactly. As it turns out, they apparently dry-hopped the beer with the fresh (wet) hops—about 10 pounds per barrel’s worth of Amarillo, Mosaic, and Equinox hops. Then, as their letter notes, “we did something unheard of in the fresh hop world. We bottled, keg-ified and delivered it to lucky recipients within 24 hours.”

Which was apparently all done yesterday (the 27th), so this is as fresh a bottle of fresh hop beer as you could get. You could only get it fresher on draft from the source.

I will likely drink it tomorrow (soonest I can get to it) and write some notes.