Received from Deschutes Brewery today…

A UPS package arrived from Deschutes Brewery today, containing the two newest bottles that I’ve mentioned to death here lately: Black Butte XX and 20th Anniversary Wit.

They’re in the fridge now, though I likely won’t have a chance to drink and review them until next week. But I’m practically rubbing my hands together and cackling maniacally over them.


  1. I tried the BBXX on Monday night — and really enjoyed it.

    ALTHOUGH – our local CHAOS brew from Barley Brown’s smokes it as far as initial taste and lingering flavor.

    BBXX is nowhere near the hype that is deserved of my favorite brew = Abyss.

  2. I haven’t had my bottle yet, but I have to say I REALLY enjoyed the draft version of XX. Really, really.

    Of course, you realize I must now try the Chaos.

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