Received: Deschutes can, 2 Towns Pineapple

Two packages arrived for the weekend: new cans of Deschutes Brewery beer and two bottles of 2 Towns Ciderhouse‘s latest year-round cider.

Received: Deschutes Brewery cans

Seeing these cans in person reinforces my opinion that this is really handsome packaging, and the current Deschutes labels and branding are terrific in can format. The beer inside is a known quantity, and good choices for the canned treatment, though I’m alread looking ahead and forward to the next beers to be canned.

I may do a side-by-side tasting of these canned beers against their bottled versions (per my wife’s question/suggestion), though empirically I already know from similiar past experiments that the canned version usually presents better.

Received: 2 Towns Ciderhouse Pacific Pineapple

Pacific Pineapple from 2 Towns is joining their year-round lineup (I had mistakenly thought it was a seasonal at first), and will appear in the 500ml bottles (as above) and also in 12-ounce cans in the cidery’s variety packs. I’ll report on this as I drink it.

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