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Received: Bass Brolly (package)

Just what is a "Brolly", you ask? Well, yesterday I received an unexpected package containing one (and more).

As you can see, it’s a package from Bass, which here in the U.S. is distributed by Anheuser-Busch. It’s a handsome wooden box, hinged, and by it’s weight I knew there was something cool inside. This is like an early Christmas present even though the accompanying letter says, "Back by popular demand for St. Patrick’s Day 2009".

This is the box opened up. Wow!

It contains one of the coolest glasses I’ve seen: it’s hard to tell, but the base is a triangle.

Apparently, the "Brolly" is the triangular metal thing you see there; it’s used to create the perfect Black and Tan (which, naturally enough, you’d use Bass Ale for. At least, in this iteration). According to the directions, you fill the glass two-thirds full of Bass, place the Brolly over the rim, and pour your stout of choice slowly onto the Brolly. It has small holes which let the stout dribble gently into a layer over the top of the Bass.

Having never made a Black and Tan myself before, I have no idea how well this will work. But, I’ll be trying it soon, and I’ll document and write about the process. I’m undecided if I’ll try to take video of the Brolly in action or just pictures.

Either way, this might be the neatest marketing package I’ve received this year.