Received: Affligem, glass, pouring tray

So this came last week:

Affligem box

Affligem pouring set

A bottle of Affligem Blond, a goblet, a small sample-type stemmed glass, and a pouring tray. It’s part of a promotion that Affligem is running for a chance to win a trip to Belgium (to visit their brewery, of course): apparently you film a video of pouring yourself the perfect glass of Affligem using this kit. (I think.)

Affligem pouring tray

It’s a nifty kit, but there’s something missing: the “signature yeast tray” or packet of yeast, which is supposed to go into the smaller glass, to be pouring into the larger glass with the Blond to give it that “signature” yeasty character. Yes, that’s something of a new concept to me: I’m familiar with yeasty hefeweizens for instance (rolling the bottle to agitate the yeast back into the beer) but I don’t believe I’ve encountered adding a separate shot of yeast into a beer.

Regardless, it’s a clever kit and if I do a video of the pouring I’ll post it here as well.

Correction: The yeast is in the bottle of the bottle, as you’d expect; I misread the laminated info card that came with the kit. So, there’s a video online on that Facebook page which describes their perfect pour and yeast separation.