Received: A trio of Twilights

The other day the press release for Deschutes’ Twilight Ale hit my email and the first thing I thought was, why is a summer ale being promoted and released over two months before the actual beginning of summer? Seems like a misfire, but a closer read reveals:

Yes, Twilight Ale is releasing a little earlier than usual this year (it usually hits the shelves and taps in May) because Deschutes’ spring seasonal, Red Chair NWPA, sold out in record time.

I suppose selling out of a seasonal beer is a good problem to have, but even so, wouldn’t releasing Twilight this early run the risk of running out of Twilight prematurely also? Maybe it’s a scales-of-economy type of thing I’m missing, or something.

Regardless, these came to my doorstep yesterday:

Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale

So of course there’s one in the fridge already.

I’m kind of liking the new label design this year; portending things to come?


  1. Hey there,

    I’m a beer writer as well. I a bit new to the game – starting off last September with my site

    Thanks for the update regarding Twilight…it’s one of my favorite summer beers and it will be interesting to get your take on it.

    Quick question: how’d you get hooked up with Deschutes? I have tried making connection in order to samples to write about, but haven’t had any luck yet.

    Any info is kindly appreciated!

    Cheers! Jason

  2. Jon, I’ve been drinking the hell out of this beer since it arrived. As Spring has arrived here as well, it’s been a perfect warm weather session ale.

    Jason, build up a following, go meet some reps at local events, and be persistent.

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