Received: A pair of Shipyard exclusives

Last week a package arrived from Shipyard Brewing, containing these:

A pair of Shipyard Signature Series beers

Those are the two beers in the Pugsley’s Signature Series of beers being offered by Shipyard: Barley Wine and Imperial Porter. You can read more about them from their blog:

Pugsley’s Signature Series is named after Shipyard Brewing Company’s master brewer, Alan Pugsley. Alan is from Hampshire, England where he worked with Peter Austin at the world-famous Ringwood Brewery before moving to the United States in 1986.

(An aside. The fact that they have a blog redeems their less-than-user-friendly website. Somewhat. But their main site really needs some work.)

Handsome bottles and packaging, for sure. Look for my reviews this week.

2 Responses to Received: A pair of Shipyard exclusives

  1. I’m in the other Portland now. Just got back from a tour of Allagash. No one sent ME bottles of Shipyard…

  2. Jon says:

    Are you sure they’re not waiting for you back in the *proper* Portland? 😉