Received: 2 Towns Man Gogh Imperial Cider

Received: 2 Towns Man Gogh Impeiral Cider

Arrived over the weekend: 2 Towns Ciderhouse Man Gogh Imperial Cider, a mango and habanero “tropical cider” that’s 8% alcohol by volume. The label is an interpretation of Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” and while it’s fun and whimsical, but really the name “Man Gogh” was simply a pun on mango/”van Gogh” with no other real connection other than, “it’s a work of art.” Which is fine, but I was at least hoping for a better connection that that. I mean, of the post-Impressionist painters, Gauguin actually did spend time in the tropics (French Polynesia).

Here’s the press release that accompanied the cider release:

2 Towns Ciderhouse releases Man Gogh, a tropical inspired Limited Release Imperial Cider, available starting this week. Tangy and equatorial, Man Gogh is a true masterpiece, artfully bringing together tropical fruit and peppers. Fresh ingredients with opposing characteristics work together to whisk you away to paradise. Van Gogh himself once said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

“2 Towns created this cider as a ray of sunshine for the cold, dark days of winter,” says Matt Dickason, cellar manager. “The freshness of the juicy mango blends seamlessly with the hot habaneros. We went easy on the habanero burn and worked to capture the fruity profile of the peppers. The result is a work of art.”

We suggest pairing Man Gogh with Christmas tamales and Baja cuisine, like Wahoo tacos. 2 Towns produced about 6,400 gallons of Man Gogh and plans to have it available through the end of January or as supplies last. It’s available to distributors in 500 ml bottles, 1/2 BBL kegs and 1/6 BBL kegs, primarily in Oregon, Washington and California.

I’m actually looking forward to drinking this cider; it’s definitely among the most unique of 2 Towns’ ciders that I’ve seen in recent memory.

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