Received: 2 Towns Hollow Jack Pumpkin Cider (2017)

Received: 2 Towns Hollow Jack 2017

2 Towns Ciderhouse released their pumpkin cider, Hollow Jack, once again, and two bottles arrived for me in time for the weekend. (Technically, they are calling it their “Heirloom Pumpkin Cider.”) It comes in at 6.4% abv and is “made with over 25 pounds of caramelized heirloom pumpkins and 10 pounds of sweet potatoes per barrel” along with seasonal autumn spices.

I enjoyed it last year, and wrote: “The spices are mellow and work here and overall it definitely feels like autumn. As pumpkin ciders go, I’ve only had a few, but this would be at the top of my list as it’s neither cloyingly sweet nor over-spiced.”