Received: 100% Whole Wheat Bock

I have received a number of beers lately, not sure if it’s the season for them or what. The latest limited-release beer from AC Golden Brewing arrived today: 100% Whole Wheat Bock.

AC Golden 100% Whole Wheat Bock

You will recall that AC Golden is a subsidiary of MillerCoors, and is their small-batch specialty division known primarily for brewing the Colorado Native lineup of beers. This particular beer has an interesting┬ástory, as you may have guessed from the name: it’s brewed entirely with wheat malt. Here’s the description from the accompanying letter:

Our WWB uses 100% red wheat, grown and malted in Bamberg, Germany. It takes 6 different varieties to get the deep, dark color and rich maltiness we wanted. The brewing process takes about twice as long (and is more complicated) as normal, but it’s our inimitable mash filter (or brewing process) that allows us to extract all the goodness of the wheat without adding enzymes, or using filter aids or processed syrups.

“Our inimitable mash filter (or brewing process)”? Yes, that part is the marketing buzzword speak, as is the “without adding enzymes [etc.]” bit. But no matter, the clincher is next:

To accentuate the smoothness of our 100% WWB, we aged it for 3 months before bottling. The bottles were then aged for an additional year to develop the sherry and melanoidin characters typical of Bock style beers.

A year in bottles! I am definitely intrigued, and looking forward to trying this beer.

According to the paperwork, this will only be available in the Denver area and is 7.5% abv.