Ramapo Valley Brewery

Got a comment on my More on gluten free beer post from a couple months back from the Ramapo Valley Brewery. They produce a gluten free beer, too, so I thought I’d reprint their comment here as a full post:

Greetings from Ramapo Valley Brewery. We are a brewery in Rockland County,NY. We have developed a wonderful Gluten Free Beer. It is an innovative brew with neither barley or wheat. The color is bright golden, and it has a wonderful honey flavor while still being a true beer.Please add us to your website and hopefully people will be interested in checking us out. We are pretty well known throughout the Celiac community as we travel to various support groups and conferences.

So, that’s cool, they’re searching the web for items about gluten free beer. A strike against them, though, is their website: first, it prompts you for your birthdate before you can enter, and second, it’s all in Flash. Yech. Gimme straight quick-loading HTML! :).

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