Old Rainier Beer commercial

Beervana points to this old Rainier Beer commercial on YouTube. The motorcycle one. That’s a classic! Although I can’t find what year it came out… some site said something about the late 80s, but it seems to me that it was much earlier. Anyone know?

And for that matter, what about the "running R" commercials? The ones where the giant Rainier bottle had legs and ran around the woods… like a weird National Geographic spoof.

5 Responses to Old Rainier Beer commercial

  1. Jeff says:

    I’ve been scouring the web for those. So far no luck, but I’m not going to give up easily!

  2. hilsy says:

    It had to have come out in the 1970s because i remember seeing it when I was a little kid.

  3. Slider says:

    Did Rainier also do those commercials with the herd of two-legged Rainer bottles?

  4. Paul says:

    I have a old Rainier bobble head doll from the sixty’s. Has any one ever seen one? I was told there was 10 made in the U.S. I’m curious to find out.

  5. Portland says:

    I lived in Portland in the early part of the 70s. I’ve been looking for the Rainer Deer commercials ever since to add to my library. They also had an American Bald Eagle the the body of a beer bottle, fly around Mt. Hood. If someone would be so kind, have you found these for sale anywhere?