Quick note: Wailua Wheat

Came across some quick notes I wrote down a few weeks ago for Kona Brewing‘s Wailua Wheat. I had it on tap here in Bend at Kona Mix Plate, a Hawaiian grill restaurant, and since I hadn’t heard of it before I tried it. What caught my eye about it is that it’s brewed with passion fruit—something I hadn’t seen in a beer before.

Here are my notes:

Flavored with Hawaiian passion fruit. Unique flavor; light gold yellow and clear. Clean grainy smell with a hint of fruit/sour. Crisp wheat with a definite tropical sourish fruit character.

Not super expressive, I know, but it’s what I was able to scribble at the time. I thought it was pretty good, a nice cold summertime beer; I’m going to pick up some at the store if I see it and and I’ll do a full review when I do.