Pumpkin’s in the bottle

I bottled up my batch of pumpkin ale this weekend, I should be able to try one in a few weeks. I ended up with 44 bottles (43.5, more accurately). Not bad.

Astute readers will recall that I measured an abnormally high original gravity for this beer—1.080. The final gravity measured out at 1.018, so that means—if my readings were accurate, which I have trouble believing (at least for the original gravity)—that the percentage of alcohol by volume is a whopping 8.14%! It’s not impossible, of course, but it’s definitely surprising. I should know more when I open a bottle.

Incidentally, the formula for calculating percentage of alcohol is this:

(OG – FG) x 105 = % alcohol by weight
%ABW x 1.25 = % alcohol by volume

…where "OG" = original gravity and "FG" = final gravity.